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Black Truffle Tuber Melanosporum straight from the field to your table.

Trufland is the first virtual black truffle market in the world, without intermediaries, direct from the country to your city, digitalization makes it possible for you to buy black truffle tuber melanosporum as if you lived in the middle of nature where our truffles grow, live a unique experience with us.

Delivery in 72H.

Our difference is that we do not have black truffle in stores, after receiving your order we proceed to the harvest of the truffle. Our truffles are delivered in 48/72 hours, guaranteeing the maintenance of the cold chain. You will receive a fresh black truffle with its organoleptic qualities intact, recently harvested and with a history of traceability signed by our associated producers.

Freshness guarantee.

We apply an innovative method in cleaning and conservation that allows us to extend the commercial life of our truffles up to 21 days from their harvest. The truffle you will receive will maintain all the freshness and organoleptic qualities of the original.

Modified Atmosphere.

To maintain the initial qualities of the black truffle for a longer period of time, it is necessary to control its respiratory activity by maintaining an adequate relationship between CO2 and O2. To do this, we introduce the product in micro-perforated containers and/or heat-sealed with micro-perforated film.

Labelling – Traceability.

In each shipment we include a label with important data for our customers to indicate the traceability of our truffles. This information guarantees that our truffles, after being harvested, go directly to your table, knowing at all times when and where they were harvested, by whom and by whom (remember that we are not machines) as well as the estimated consumption life maintaining their freshness as we like it.

Isothermal Packaging.

Our packaging is isothermal and is manufactured to keep the truffles fresh at a temperature of between 2ºC and 6ºC during shipping (up to 48 hours). Our packaging has passed all the controls required by the EU Regulation 10/2011 on materials intended to come into contact with food.

Cleaning and Maintenance.

After the correct application of the above mentioned integral process of cleaning our truffle, we obtain as a result a guaranteed sanitary product that will maintain all the freshness and organoleptic qualities of the initial truffle. We take care of the small details in each phase; for a better conservation and presentation the cleaning of this fungus is done with water without chlorine and previously decalcified and ends with an integral cleaning by ultrasounds to eliminate any rest, leaving a perfect truffle for human consumption.