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We are truffle agricultures engaged in the ecological and sustainable cultivation of black truffle, Tuber Melanosporum.

Our main focus is to offer our clients the highest quality and the freshness of our products.

We place great emphasis on the digitalization of rural areas and ecological and sustainable agriculture , as well as the freshness and traceability of origen os all our local products.

We work very closely with our local cultivators. For this reason Trufland represents the first online market of fresh black truffle.

Just with one click we are connecting cultivators with the end customer in our digital platform, guaranteeing the direct access to the unique fresh truffle – Tuber Melanosporum – from the major regions in Spain which are the Region around Teruel, the Aragonese Pyrenees and Soria.

Our Truffle Fields are in the Region around Teruel and the Aragonese Pyrenees.

Mostly olm oaks which were lovely planted und continuously cares by ourselves.

Without any additives and surrounded by forest and rivers, we have offer a special atmosphere in an untouched nature, assuring a 100% ecological growth and devolplement.

On request we are pleased to show you personally our fields!!!

Thanks to the close cooperation with our local farmers with daily effort and passion to care and cultivate, we are able to respnd to the international demand of black fresh truffle.


All our associates dispose of the necessary sanitary certificates and fulfill all our internal quality and ecological standards relating to cultivation, harvest, cleaning and conservation processes of black truffle. 

Due to the internal measures we achieve the desired trustfulness with our national and international clients.

On the fotos can see an abstract of our fields close to Huesca, in the Aragonese Pyrenees. As well es the fields of our associates who cooperate with Trufland and dispose of more than 50 hectares of truffle fields. A cooperation which is based on common intereses: Quality of our products guaranteeing the ecological and sustainable cultivation, the digitalization and development of rural areas in Spain and the internationalization of black truffle sales. 


plantaciones de trufa en Aragón
vista aerea plantación de trufa


In November 2019 we started the cultivation of a new field in the Aragonese Pyrenees, Im November 2019 haben wir mit einer neuen Feldbewirtschaftung im Raum Huesa, Sabiñánigo. 100% Trufland.

We will inform you about all the steps of planting, maintenance and more in our blog. Hopefully you like it and think about starting your own cultivation!!!

See you soon catching truffles!!!

plantación de trufa negra
perro trufero
campo trufero
brote de planta de trufa