In Trufland we believe in a business model that collaborates with the digitalization and sustainability of the world and rural areas, so we bet for the highest certification in the sector, the PEFC forest certification.

PEFC is the most implemented forest certification system in the world. The objective of PEFC is to ensure that the world’s forests are managed responsibly, and that their many functions are protected for present and future generations.

PEFC provides the framework for the application of internationally agreed common standards to all its national certification schemes and to forest managers and forest product processors. Forest products (wood, paper, cork, mushrooms, resins, essences…) certified by PEFC guarantee consumers that they are buying products from sustainably managed forests. By choosing PEFC, buyers can help combat illegal logging and promote the main functions that forest resources play as:

  • Contributing to the maintenance of many ecosystems and biological diversity.
  • To be the economic livelihood of many rural populations and the source of a major processing industry.
  • To have an increasingly recognized social and cultural role.