Trufland is the first online market for black truffle – without conventional     intermediaries.

The shipment is managed directly from our fields to your business.

We offer attractive economic conditions and have a unique digital platform assuring exhaustive controls and order management.

Register as business client and enjoy an incredible experience with your clients.

If you are a business user or end user and your consumption is more than 1kg a year, remember that Trufland is the first online market worldwide with discounts depending on the volumen, with the target to reward your fidelity.

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We are totally transparent with all our customers, for this reason we publicize our price and loyalty policy above. Try us and we are sure that you will repeat.

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  • Up to 1 kg of annual consumption our online prices with a 25% discount undoubtedly offer you the best quality/price ratio on the market
  • From 1 kg to 3 Kg per year of consumption, register with us and you will have an additional 20% discount on our online prices.
  • From 3Kg to 10 kg per year of consumption, you are in luck, register with us and you will have an additional 30% discount on our online prices.
  • More than 10 kg a year, call us and we will study your case personally to try to help you manage your business and find a tailor-made formula.

Black Truffle tuber melanosporum, selected truffles from our fields, clean and disinfected with ultra sound technology, sent directly from our fields to your home, without conventional intermediaries.

Our target is to guarantee the total availability of black truffle with the best economic conditions in the market, connecting local agriculturists with the final client.

Our unique concept consists in providing the maximum value to our clients, allowing the access to fresh black truffle with the best economic conditions in the market and at the same to contribute in the development and digitalization of rural areas and regions, helping to improve the sustainability of future generations.


We use a new method in the cleaning process and in the conservation.This allow us to increase the shelf life of our truffle products up to 21 days after harvesting. The orders truffles keep the original freshness and organoleptical characteristics.


The special peculiarity is that we do not offer truffle as a storage product. After reception of an order follows the harvest of our fresh truffle and the delivery with 48/72 hours maintaining the required refrigeration. Therefore, makes it possible that you receive our fresh truffle maintaining all organoleptical characteristics and retractability, signed from our local producers.   



Each sending contains a label with general information for our clients about retractability of our black truffle. In this way we assure that our truffle is being send directly after harvesting to the destination. You always receive further information about region of origin, the person and the dog who haved harvested the fresh truffle, and also about shelf life pf our fresh products.


Our packages are isothermal and fabricated to deliver the truffle, between 2 ºC and 6 ºC degrees, to our clients (within 48 hours). 

The packaging material fulfills all necessary controls under regulation UE 10/2011 about materials and plastic objects intended to come into contact with foodstuff.


To assure the freshness quality of the black truffle it is a requisite to control the breathing activity, in other words an healthy relationship between CO2 and O2.

For this reason, we envelope our fresh products in a special microperforated film or welded foil with microperforated film.


After the special cleaning process you receive a high-class product with the freshness quality maintaining the organoletical characteristics. We place value on details in every step of the process.

To improve the conservation and product presentation we use soft water without chlorin and following fine cleaning with support of ultrasound devices. Thanks to this cleaning technique we eliminate the smallest particle and guarantee the quality of a high-class truffle product, appropriate for human consumption.


All our partners and local producers dispose of all required health certificates of foodstuff.