Types of Black Truffle “Tuber Melanosporum”

The black truffle of the Aragonese Pyrenees together with the black truffle of Teruel and Soria are the result of the perfect harmony in the magical Spanish ecosystem, which, thanks to its environment and climate, allows us to enjoy the black diamond that these lands hide.

The morphology of the black truffle can be round or with a very irregular surface, this will depend exclusively on the texture of the land where it is grown but it does not affect the taste or smell so characteristic of the authentic black truffle certified tuber melanosporum.

We classify our truffles in four different categories:

At TRUFLAND, we use an integral method, for CLEANING, PACKAGING and CONSERVATION that amply duplicates the useful life of our truffles, guaranteeing greater freshness and allowing the product to be consumed up to 21 days after it is harvested. We serve all shipments refrigerated and directly from the field to your home in a maximum of 72 hours, we do not have stock in warehouses, after placing your order online, the harvest order reaches our partner growers, in 24h is made extraction and shipment of truffles perfectly clean, packaged and refrigerated, receiving it at home within a maximum of 72 hours from placing your order.