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In TRUFLAND we compensate the 100% of carbon emitted into the atmosphere in the production and transport of our black truffle.

Do you know how many trees are needed to offset the CO2 we are generating every day:

  • The average of CO2 in the world are 6 tons of CO2 per person a year, although in Europe are 9 tons of CO2 per person a year. In developing countries it is less than 2 tons of CO2 per person a year.
  • Did you know that each tree absorbs on average 1 ton of CO2 a year?

Currently TRUFLAND is managing an average of 300 hectares of truffle oaks for the production of black truffles, and each hectare has an average of 250 trees, in our case, oaks or holm oaks:

Shall we do numbers?

300 hectares x 250 trees = 75,000 trees

75,000 trees x 1 ton of CO2 = 75,000 tons of CO2 offset per year

75,000 tons of CO2 / 6 tons per person a year = 12,500 people

See how easy it is!

BUYING BLACK TRUFF IN TRUFLAND helps to offset the CO2 produced by 12,500 people on average a year!

And also thanks to our policy of transparency in prices and support for local production directly from the agricultors, we contribute to the planting of new hectares of mycorrhized oaks with black truffle tuber melanosporum every day and therefore we continue to increase the number of tons of CO2 we are able to compensate every year!

Do not hesitate and bet on the quality and sustainability of our villages and their future!


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