Did you know that black truffles can be preserved to last much more longer?

We explain it to you!

With the black truffle tuber melanosporum, like any other type of truffle or mushroom, you have to consider that they are living beings and after their harvest they keep on breathing!

That’s why just as with mushrooms or any vegetable,  as the days go by having them in the fridge they get an ugly color, with truffles the same thing happens!

It is very important to keep black truffles always refrigerated in the refrigerator between 1 and 5 degrees centigrade, be careful because they freeze immediately, never keep them below 1 degree unless you want to freeze them of course!

We will always send you the truffle refrigerated because this way you will breathe more slowly and hold on much longer.

For example you can keep it in a closed glass container, with an absorbent paper and with enough space for it to breathe, and remember you have to open it once a day to change the air, if you do this you can keep the truffle between 15 and 21 days after its harvest.

You can also preserve the truffles with a technique called modified atmosphere, this technique consists in keeping the truffles in a plastic tray sealed with a micro perforated film changing the proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide, artificially. This way the truffle doesn’t have so much oxygen and is forced to breathe more slowly, extending its life up to 30 days, but of course you can’t consume it while and if you look at the trick of the glass jar opening and closing every day is precisely to imitate this technique in a more homemade way, but while you consume the truffle and enjoy it!

You can also freeze the truffle directly in a closed container and with an absorbent paper, so when you want to eat your truffles you just have to take them out of the freezer and grate them directly on top of the dish you have prepared, with the heat of the dish they will defrost and recover all their aroma and flavor!

So the frozen truffle will last you up to 1 year in perfect conditions and you will be able to enjoy this treasure not only in winter!

Never thaw them because they will be ruined!

If you want to know more about how truffles breathe, we leave you this link with more technical information but also interesting!

We hope that with these tricks you will enjoy your truffle for much longer!




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