trufa negra en la sexta reportaje


Did you know that there are several black truffle markets in the world, Spain, France, Italy, Chile or China, and that Spain produces more than 40% of the black truffle tuber melanosporum that is marketed worldwide and that our black truffle is the highest quality truffle.

These markets are located in small rural towns with a large volume of local producers where the intermediaries in a non-transparent way try to get the largest amount of black truffle, exploiting the small producers who are forced to sell at prices with which they can hardly maintain their local productions and in turn these intermediaries re-sell this truffle to international distributors and traders who are the ones who really make an important business increasing the price of truffles exponentially.

At TRUFLAND we are committed to a sustainable rural economy, which guarantees the future of rural areas where digitalization and globalization have much to offer. We facilitate the buying and selling operation between farmers and final consumers, avoiding the large chain of intermediaries and allowing the fresh black truffle to reach the consumer in the shortest time possible, thus conserving all the properties in perfect condition.

The price you pay on our website for black truffle tuber melanosporum is a very reasonable market price, which allows us to guarantee the sustainability of the rural world and allows local farmers to continue investing in improving their production locally and maintain a future growing rural life, thus avoiding the depopulation of the rural world, remember that we are also local producers so we know first hand the importance this has for the population and future generations.

Don’t miss the video that the Research Team of La Sexta is making about the conventional black truffle markets in Spain. It is a bit harsh but it reflects very graphically how they work nowadays and because from Trufland.com we want to contribute positively with an online black truffle market, transparent, with food traceability of the product and the sanitary guarantees that we consider totally necessary and demandable nowadays to any company or producer committed to quality and food safety.






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